Tribes In Ghana With Natural Light-Skinned Women

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There is a strong believe out there that, every African is dark-skinned, well that’s not a fact.

In Ghana, there are some tribes which produce a lot of light-skinned women and men. It’s true, most Ghanaian women love to bleach but not every light-skinned or fair Ghanaian lady you see on the street artificially acquired their ‘fairness’.

See some of these tribes.

1. Ewe

You will agree with us most Ewe women are light-skinned.

Adina Thembi Girl Look

2. Fanti

Fantis come with a lot of natural light-skinned women, especially those that hail from Elmina.



3. Frafra

It doesn’t matter how hot the weather is up there, but the Frafra tribe comes with a lot of light-skinned women.

ghanaian girl kente

4. Ga

It seems most of the tribes by the Coast have a lot of light skin women and the Gas can not be left out. Although they have come under a lot backlash about them bleaching, there are a  whole lot of them who are naturally light-skinned.

Nik Eli Photography

Nik Eli Photography

5. Wala

Most of the tribes from up North really have a lot of light-skinned women and the Wala from the Upper West are one of them.



6. Gonja

The Gonja tribe comes with equally a lot of dark-skinned and light-skinned women.


7. Bono

The people of the Brong Ahafo region are usually the silent types, we hardly remember them in a lot of things, but a lot of them are light-skinned.

Shirley Eniang

Shirley Eniang

You may want to see the grave effects of bleaching that those who bleach do not know.

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