GHAMRO Conflict Turns Bloody As Abirekyieba Kofi Sammy Threatens To Kill Kojo Antwi And Commit Suicide After (VIDEO)


Legendary Ghanaian highlife star Abirekyieba Kofi Sammy ignited a firestorm in the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) Wednesday when he called on God to punish Kojo Antwi, but he seems to be taking it a step further here.

In an interview with Razzonline after the controversies of Wednesday, Kofi Sammy said if he had a gun, he would shoot Kojo Antwi to death and kill himself immediately after.

The grievances of GHAMRO members towards the leadership of Kojo Antwi has become more pronounced in recent days as they claim they aren’t receiving royalties owed them. This has created bitterness among the ranks as Kojo Antwi’s leadership is questioned.

At an emergency meeting held in Accra Wednesday, matters nearly got out of hand as Abirekyieba cussed at Kojo Antwi for presiding over the terrible conditions musicians are forced to survive in now.

Approached by Razzonline to clarify why he cursed Antwi, he went even further, saying he would kill Antwi if he had a gun.

Watch his interview with Razzonline below…

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