12 Things You Can Relate To If You’re Absolutely In Love With Mangoes


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Mango season is here again and we shall be blessed with amazing flavours and yummy mangoes. If you are in love with mangoes, here are some things we’re sure you can relate to.

1. You when it’s mango season

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2. And you start spotting mangos in the market

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3. You know every single type of mango and how it tastes

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4. How you pack more mangos than you can possibly finish

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5. You when someone says they don’t like mango

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6. You when you’re eating mango:

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7. And you don’t care how messy your hands get after eating mango

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8. How you spend all your money on mangos

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9. And you’re a pro at selecting the best ones

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10. True love for you is seeing perfect trays of mango in the market


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11. When someone says you eat too many mangoes

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12. And when it goes out of season, you’re just like:

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Mangos are awesome! You might also want to see the things that all agbalumo fans can relate to.

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