Someone’s Husband?…Fan Asks Moesha Boduong Who Took This PHOTO–And We Think It’s A Legitimate Question


Moesha Boduong has been flaunting her holiday photos on Instagram, with the recent being photos from her birthday–which shows her “chilling” with an invisible man.

On the back of rumours that most female Ghanaian Celebrities are sleeping with people’s husbands and boyfriends who are financing their expensive lifestyles, a fan blatantly asked Moesha after posting the above photo that, who took the picture.

Iam_nanatellzErrm wrote “Just passing through…. Anyways who took the pic…”

And even though it’s a legitimate question, Moesha who usually responds to her fans has ignored the question.

If you want to show the world what someone is giving you, it must seem reasonable to show the person giving out the goodies–we think.

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