Jesus’ 2nd Coming Has Already Happened – Ras Kuuku


Dear Christians, if you are awaiting the most anticipated second coming of Jesus Christ then you have missed out according to the philosophy of Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall Musician Ras Kuuku.

The “Nwansina” singer has told Berla Mundi that the Ethiopia Emperor, Haile Selassie’s life on earth was Jesus’ second coming that most Christians believe it’s yet to come.

He explained that Haile Selassie with the words of wisdom has saved the black race from evil and cited his triumph over white slavery/colonization in Ethiopia and Africa as a vivid example. According to Ras Kuuku, anywhere you see Jesus Christ in the bible, that refers to Haile Selassie.

The “Puoom” gang leader also taught that the oldest version of the bible originated from Ethiopia and he has a copy from which he learnt all his philosophy about religion from.

Ras Kuuku also reiterated that God’s true name is “Jah” and He is a black man. All true Prophets must have dreadlocks as an identification he further alleged and cited Samuel, Abraham among as others as Prophets who had dreadlocks.


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According to Ras Kuuku, he actually walked out angry because he felt cheated since he confidently knows that his team and fans voted enough for him to win, complimented with his massive work done under the year of review.

Ras Kuuku speaking on GhOne TV’s one on one also revealed he doesn’t go for international shows because they pay peanuts despite all the buzz such shows have.

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