Lupita Just Stepped Into Campaign Mode And Endorsed Her Father For The Kisumu Governor’s Seat


Like a true daughter, Lupita wants her daddy to win, win and win.

The Hollywood actress intrigued many after she posted a video asking fellow Kenyans to vote for her father. In the video, the Oscar award winner sent a message to her daddy saying how she would have loved to be with him during these tough campaign times but she isn’t able to because she is shooting a movie..

Lupita’s Daddy Professor Anyang Nyongo is eying the Kisumu Gubernatorial seat.


Image: Kenya Today

In the video, Lupita painted her father as a strong leader who had the interests of Kenyans at heart.

She stressed on the political sacrifices she has seen her father make ever since she was a kid.

“All my life I have witnessed your unwavering passion for cultivating a better future for Kenya even when it was a hard task, even when it was a threat to your life, but you have never given up and you continued to push for change and development.” 

Lupita also touched on the number of developments her father has made.

She raved on how he has spread electricity, built schools, had roads constructed and set up medical centres. Apart from that, she stressed that Kenya will have a stronger position in Arts and Culture if her father clinches the seat. That’s quite a big endorsement.

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And in a rallying call, she concluded by saying:

“Kisumu stand up choose Anyang Nyong’o to be your governor.”

Prof. Nyong’o will first have to battle for the ODM party nomination ticket on Monday to determine if he will proceed to the ballot under the wing of the most popular party in the area.

Watch the full video:

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