Ayikoi Otoo

Ayikoi Otoo Ayikoi Otoo

Attorney General - Government of Ghana (Jan 2005 - Apr 2006)

Minister of Justice - Government of Ghana (Jan 2005 - Apr 2006)

General Secretary - Ghana Bar Association

Deputy General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Lawson has slighted Lawyer Ayikoi Otoo for suggesting that the NDC won the 2012 election by ‘buying votes’.

Ayikoi Otoo, a lawyer and a leading member of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in an interview on Okay FMs “Ade Akye Abia” programme indicated that instead of going to the grassroots to campaign for three years and conducting early congress, the NPP should learn from the NDC in terms of how they campaign prior to elections.

According to him, “they (NDC) will wait till few months to elections to buy the votes from Ghanaians with money and a lot of items…”

But in a quick response on Peace FM midday news, Mr Lawson said lawyer Ayikoi Otoo’s argument is bereft of ‘intellectual sense’.

“There is no intellectual sense in what he said. I don’t see any sense in it…how can such a man call himself a lawyer. He should come again” he said curtly.

He indicated that the NDC does not need to ‘buy votes’ from the electorates because “our candidates are marketable and appealing but that of the NPP are not marketable. Moreover, our message is understandable…it is our message and our good works.”


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