Daniel Avorgbedor

Daniel Avorgbedor Daniel Avorgbedor

Associate Professor of Music and Black Studies - Ohio State University

 Special research interests in representations of Africa in the Diaspora,

focusing on the performing arts; contemporary church music in Africa;

urbanization and its impact on the continuity of music and dance

traditions in Africa; theories of identity.



Forthcoming 2000: Competition and Conflict as a Framework for

Understanding Performance Culture among the Urban Anlo-Ewe. (Manuscript

accepted and forthcoming in Ethnomusicology).


Forthcoming 2000: (invited paper) 'Hal Performance as Literary Production'

(Forthcoming in the special issue of Research in African Literatures

[March 2000 special issue on Music and Literatures and edited by Kofi



(invited paper)  The Turner-Schechner Model of Performance as Social

Drama: A Re- Examination in the Light of Anlo-Ewe Hal." Research in

African Literatures 30/4 (1998):144-155.


"Anlo-Ewe Music and Society in the Light of Urgent Anthropo-Musicology."

Bulletin of the International Union of Ethonological Sciences, no. 39



Rural-Urban Interchange: Anlo-Ewe Music Garland Encyclopedia of World

Music, 1996, Africa Vol. 1., pp.389-399.


"Un voyage vers l'inconnu: Conventions esthétiques dans la musique

des Anlo-Ewe du Ghana,"  Cahiers de musiques traditionnelles 7/1



"Freedom to sing, License to Insult:  The Influence of Hal Performance on

Social Violence among the Anlo-Ewe," Oral Tradition 9/1 (1994): 83-112.


"The Impact of Rural-Urban Migration on a Village Music Culture: Some

Implications for Applied Ethnomusicology,"  African Music 7/2



"Some Contributions of Hal Music to Research Theory and Pragmatics," Bul.

of the Int. Comm. on Urgent Anthr. & Ethnol. Research 32-33 (1990-91):



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