Recruitment in the Nursing Training Schools


Recruitment in the Nursing training schools



Sales of forms for the application 

into the nursing training begins 

this february. Previously the WAEC sells 

the forms and conduct and entrance examination 

but this would not be so from this year. The forms 

therefore would be sold by the schools. Later on in 

the years the schools would do their own selection 

based on the qualification of the 


so selected would be invited for an interview and 

if they pass would be admitted into the college. 

There are goverment nursing training colleges(NTC) in 

all the 10 regions except the upper West Region which 

has a catholic NTC at Jirapa.There is also an NTC 

at the 37 Millitary Hospital 

The minimum entry requirement is the Senior 

Secondary School Certificate Examination(SSSCE) 

aggregade 24 ie core maths, core science, 

core english and three electives 

Applicants with business background are usually 

not considered. 

Admissions would be in Sept. but as I have indicated 

earlier on the application forms would be sold 

this february. 

Hope you would find this information helpful 

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