How are telecommunications in Ghana?



Ghana's telecommunications statistics indicated that as of 2013 there are 26,336,000 cell phone lines in operation. The mass media of Ghana is among the most liberal in Africa, with Ghana ranking as the 3rd most freest in Africa and 30th most free in the world on the world wide press freedom Index. Chapter 12 of the Constitution of Ghana guarantees freedom of the Ghanaian press and the independence of the mass media, and in Chapter 2 prohibits censorship. The Ghanaian press freedom was restored in 1992. Competition among mobil phone companies in Ghana is an important part of the telecommunications industry growth of Ghana, with companies obtaining more than 80 per 100 persons as mobil phone and fixed phone users. Ghana was one of the first countries in Africa to achieve the connection to the World Wide Web. In 2010, there were 165 licensed internet service providers in Ghana and they were running 29 of the fiber optic, and authorized networks VSAT operators were 176, of which 57 functioned, and 99 internet operators were authorized to the public, and private data and packet-switched network operators were 25.

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