Ghanaian Dishes

Ghanaian Dishes Plantain and Beans

Ghana  boasts a wide selection of international restaurants, particularly in Accra downtown and Kumasi,  but adventurous visitors might also want to try the dishes served in ubiquitous  local. Popular staples include fufu, a pulped gooey ball of crushed  cassava or yam that most often served submerged in a light soup, and kenkey  and banku, both of which are made of fermented maize meal and usually served  with tomato based relish. On more familiar terrain, fried yam sticks are the  local equivalent of potato chips (also widely available), spicy beef kebabs,  char-grilled chiken, guinea fowl and tilapia are all popular bar staples, while  jollof rice is a common spicy dish comprised of rice cooked in a tomato sauce  with read meat, fish of chicken.

  1. Jollof Rice
  2. Toasted Cornmeal Porridge
  3. Strawberry Fool
  4. Muhallabia (Ground Rice Pudding)
  5. Custard Melkkos
  6. Coconut Halva
  7. Benne Cakes
  8. Bananas Ghana
  9. Desserts Accra Banana PEANUT CAKE
  10. Gari Foto - Vegetarian Side Dish
  11. Shrimp Kebabs
  12. Traditional Fried Fish
  13. Shoko - Beef and Spinach Stew
  14. Braised Chicken with Chiles
  15. Avocado with Groundnut Dressing
  16. Avocado with Smoked Fish
  17. Cooked (or Boiled) Plantain
  18. Kentumere -- (Fish & Spinach in Tomatoes )
  19. Tatale - Ghanaian Plantain Cakes
  20. Akotonshi (StuffedCrabs)
  21. Groundnet Stew
  22. Shito
  23. Ashanti Chicken
  24. Avacafdo & Fish
  25. Avacado & Crab
  26. Fresh Fish Stew
  27. Pig's Feet Stew
  28. Watchi (Ghanaian Black-Eyed Peas and Rice)
  29. Pork Roast
  30. Stewed Oxtail
  31. Stewed Fried Chicken Mushroom
  32. Garden Egg Stew
  33. Kontomire Stew
  34. Plain Soup
  35. Aqushi Soup
  36. Abenkwan (Palm nut Soup)
  37. Ghana Meatball Stew
  38. Beef Kebabs
  39. Nkantenkwen (Groundnut Soup 2)
  40. Sauces (Palaver ‘Sauce’)
  41. Kelewele
  42. Beet Salads
  43. Cous-Cous Salad
  44. African Mango Salad
  45. Groundnut / Peanut Soup




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