Palm Wine

Palm Wine

Palm wine is created from the sap of a variety of species of palms, including the Palmyra, and coconut palms. 

It is a cloudy, whitish beverage with a sweet alcoholic taste and a very short shelf life of only one day.

The sap should be collected from a growing palm. It is collected by tapping the palm. This involves making a small incision in the bark of the palm, about 15cm from the top of the trunk. A clean gourd is tied around the tree to collect the sap, which runs into it. The sap is collected each day and should be consumed within 5-12 hours of collection. Fresh palm juice is a sweet, clear, colourless juice containing 10-12 percent sugar.

Cleaning: The quality of the final wine is determined by the conditions used for the collection of the sap. Often the collecting gourd is not washed between collections and residual yeasts in the gourd quickly begin the fermentation. This is beneficial as it prevents the growth of bacteria which can spoil the sap.

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