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Aprapransa (Flour and Palm Nut Soup )

April 23, 2016
Ingredients Palm nut extract -Dried fish( Any preferred meat can be added) -Crab( as in the traditional way of garnishing the meal) -Roasted cornmeal flour -Veg ( onions, pepper, ginger,

Chocolate Truffle Cake

September 11, 2015
Love chocolate? Then this tender, luxurious layer cake is for you. With a ganache glaze and a fabulous bittersweet filling, the indulgence is so worth

Ghanaian Recipes: Garden Egg Stew

July 24, 2015
Ingredients: 9 garden eggs 8 large tomatoes or 1 can of tomato puree 2 large white onions 1 tablespoon of red pepper powder 1 habanero pepper 1 teaspoon of nutmeg 1 (grated)

Traditional Ghanaian Recipes: Goat Light Soup

July 24, 2015
Ingredients: 500g diced goat or half a chicken, diced 6 whole tomatoes Half a kpakpo shito (or hot pepper) 10g ginger 10g garlic 2 onions 50g tomato puree Salt 1 aubergine (also known as

Plantain Fritters (Tatale)

May 26, 2015
PLANTAIN FRITTERS (Tatale)   What Do I Need? · 3 over ripe Plantains (skin looks blackish in colour) · 1-inch piece of Ginger (peeled), 1 small Red Onion (peeled


October 08, 2013
Ice cream is a frozen desert made of milk and cream (dairy Products) with combination of sweeteners and other flavourings.  Besides tasting good, Ice cream just


October 08, 2013
Schnapps is often used as an offering when meeting a local chief. Schnapps is a term that refers to any kind of strong alcoholic beverage.


October 08, 2013
This is an alcohol of brewed sorghum, a grain grown in northern Ghana. Pito sellers are easily spotted by the calabash bowls from which the

Kingsbite Chocolate

October 08, 2013
Kingsbite is a milk chocolate designed to melt delightfully in the mouth with a smooth release of all the rich goodness of cocoa and milk.


October 08, 2013
Malta (also called young beer, children's beer, or wheat soda) is a type of soft drink. It is a carbonated malt beverage, meaning it is
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