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Esinam Female Ewe God has heard me
Essel Unisex Akan
Etɔnam Unisex Ewe He has answered my call/prayers
Etorkor Male Ewe Only God's
Etornam Male Ewe God responded to me
Evenunye Unisex Ewe God had mercy on me
Exornam Female Ewe God saved me
Eyram Unisex Ewe He has blessed me
Fafa Unisex Ewe Peace
Fafali Female Ewe Serenity
Fakor Unisex Ewe Console
Fakorne Female Ewe Console him/her
Fifii Male Fante Born On Friday
Fosu Male Fante Inner, Thought, Mind, Psychology, Secret, Mystic, Strange, Study, Knowledge, Loneliness, Rest
Fosua Female Akan
Fremah Female Akan
Gae Female Ewe God is great
Gameli Unisex Ewe There is time for everything
Gbemagbe Male Ewe The Lord's day
Gyamfua Female Akan Saving life
Gyamfuaa Female Akan
Gyan Female Akan Wisdom, Enlightenment
Gyasi Male Akan Wonderful One
Jamedu Male Anlo Ewe
Kaakyire Unisex Akan Last Born