Ghana Names and Meaning

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Aba Male Ga-Adangbe First born
Abeeku Male Fante Born on Wednesday
Aboagye Male Akan Powerful and complete
Abrah Male Akan
Abrefa Male Akan
Abrobah Male Akan
Abronoma Male Ashanti Dove
Acheampong Male Akan One That Gives Birth To Kings
Adansi Male Akan
Addae Male Akan Morning Sun
Addae Male Akan Morning sun
Addai Male Akan Clouds
Addo Male Ashanti
Adeben Male Akan Twelfth-born
Adekorafo Male Akan Treasurer
Adika Male Ewe First child of second husband
Adofo Male Akan One Who Love, Courageous Warrior
Adofo Male Akan Warrior
Adom Male Akan Help From God
Adom Male Akan Help from God
Adomako Male Akan
Adonteng Male Akan
Adwene Mu Te Male Akan Pure Mind
Adwenpa Male Akan Good Ideas
Afoakwah Male Akan