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The Taxi Driver And The Petrol Attendant

The Taxi Driver And The Petrol Attendant Taxi Driver And The Petrol Attendant

A Ghana taxi driver drives into a petrol station in a fancy surburb with his toyota quantum taxi.

Taxi driver: "Paakyew me pe full tank".

Petrol attendant: "I only speak English sir,could pls say that in English".

Taxi driver:" Oh! Ok Good morning, I currently feel a profound desire to

replenish the propellant of my

motorized automobile, therefore I cordially request that you transfer from your subterranean reservoir a

sufficient quantity of the combustible fluid of the highest octane rating to fill

the appropriate receptacle of the said means of perambulation to the brim ".

Petrol attendant: "Eish me paaakyew mente brofo wai . Agoro na medi!

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