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The Sound of Music in Different Languages

You know in Ghana we have lots of different tribes and there was a music audition for people who can sing. But first you must audition with the sound of music which was do re me and so on. so a person form kumasi came and you kno the twi people got problem with their L and R AND WHEN HE STARTED HE WAS LIKE do, le, me, fa, so, ra, ti, do.the judge then said next because he didn't like wat he heard and the next person who was a fanti you also know that fanti's are like always acting like they speak english a lot so when the fanti came she was like dzo,ray,me,far she didn't even finish and the jugde was like next.know the next person was a ga and gas always put full stop at every word they say and in a big voice the was like he also didn't finish and the judge called for the next performance hopin this would be and this next person was an ewe and he was like ADO DO AYE,DO DO REY ME RE DO AYE the judge grew angry and went home.

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