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In China: Experts say 3.4-quake Hits North Korea in 'Suspected Explosion'

September 23, 2017
China's seismic service CENC on Saturday detected a zero-depth, 3.4-magnitude earthquake in North Korea, calling it a "suspected explosion". The epicentre is roughly the same as

Tema Port: Customs Seize Under-declared Container From China

September 19, 2017
A 40-footer container which was under-declared by an importer has been intercepted by Customs officials at the Nick scan at the Tema Port. The container, which

Mysterious cliff in China lays “Stone Eggs” Every 30 Years

September 18, 2017
If you’ve never heard of an egg-laying mountain, you probably don’t know about Chan Da Ya, a mysterious cliff in China that reportedly lays perfectly

Is China Producing Corned Beef with Dead Human Bodies and Selling it to Africa? (Graphic Video)

January 21, 2017
A purported story circulating online has warned people to be wary of a Chinese Company allegedly using human bodies to produce corned beef.  A video circulating

Unbelievable! Wedding Guests Force Couple to Strip Off and Have S*x in Front of Everybody (Video)

November 16, 2016
A bizarre video has emerged online showing a couple being forced to have s*x in broad daylight in front of many wedding guests.  This might sound

Bird Becomes An Internet Sensation In China Because People Think He Has The Same Hairstyle As Donald Trump

November 16, 2016
Some Chinese people seem to see a striking resemblance between the hairstyle of a golden pheasant and that of Donald Trump. President-elect Donald Trump may be

OMG! Car Crushes Baby to Death While Mom was Busy Playing with Her Phone

November 01, 2016
A mother has been left with painful guilt after her carelessness led to the daughter's death while she was busy playing with her phone.  Here is

Ghana Pushes For Free Visa Between China, Turkey And 3 Others

October 26, 2016
Barring any unforseable glitch, Ghanaians would soon be permitted to freely enter the Republic of China, Sudan, Cuba, Seychelles and the Republic of Turkey to

Son of China's Richest Man 'Buys iPhone 7s For His DOG' (Photos)

September 20, 2016
Coco the Alaskan Malamute might be the most pampered pooch in the world. The pet dog has apparently been given eight iPhone 7 handsets by his

Weird Moment A Woman Takes Her Male Companion For A Walk On A DOG LEASH Through The Streets Of China

September 13, 2016
Photos have emerged of a woman taking a man for ‘walkies’ on his knees – while he’s tied to a DOG LEASH. The bizarre pair were

Shocking! See Heartless Man Caught Skinning Dog Alive for Village Party (Watch Video)

September 03, 2016
A heartless man has been severely criticized after a video showed him skinning a dog alive for a village party. The video posted on liveleak

Public Disgrace: Angry Wife Spanks and Beat Girl in the Street for Snatching Her Husband (Video)

August 30, 2016
A girl has been publicly disgraced by an angry woman for allegedly stealing her husband.  In this shocking footage, an angry wife has gone 'mad' by

Top Level FBI Employee Outed As A Spy For China

August 02, 2016
A Chinese born US citizen who used to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Kun Shan Chun, has pleaded guilty to being an agent

When You Are Torn Between A Rock And A Hard Place: A Man Saves His Mother In A Flood Only To Lose His Nuclear Family Afterwards

July 28, 2016
This question has playfully been asked about severally— “If you see your mother and wife or partner drowning,whom are you going to save?.” Often times

Chinese Woman Carries Her Boyfriend on Her Back While Crossing a Flooded Street so ‘He Won’t Ruin His Expensive Leather Shoes’

July 09, 2016
Love they say, is blind but not so much as in the case of one devoted girlfriend. A lady in China was pictured wading deep

China bans Lady Gaga & Her Entire Repertoire, and Orders Websites to Stop Distributing Her Songs After Her Meeting With Dalai Lama

June 28, 2016
China’s Communist party has reportedly banned singer Lady Gaga from the country after she posted  a 19 minute video of her meeting Dalai Lama to

China Denies Ever Marinating Dead Bodies and Selling Them as Meat in Africa

May 20, 2016
China has been forced to deny claims that it is marinating dead bodies, canning them and selling them as a meat product in Africa, after

Female Police Officer Fired For Taking S*xy Selfies While Wearing Her Uniform

May 12, 2016
A female auxiliary police officer in Dandong city, China’s Liaoning Province has lost her job after he posted sexy selfies while wearing her police uniform

Socrate Safo Apologises To Nii Odoi Mensah’s Family

April 20, 2016
Movie producer, Socrate Safo has rendered an unqualified apology to the family of Nii Odoi Mensah for putting out how much it will cost to

Crane Accident in China Leaves 18 Dead

April 15, 2016
 A crane accident in Dongguan, China has claimed the lives of 18 people. The crane collapsed in high winds in China’s Guangdong province. Luo Bin, an official

Odd News: 'Ghost Marriages' On The Rise In China; People Steal 'Corpse Brides' To Marry Dead Single Men

March 21, 2016
The bodies of dead women in China are being snatched from graves and sold for thousands of pounds to feed a growing demand for 'corpse

VIDEO: Rat And Fox Meat Disguised As ‘Boneless Chicken Wings’ From China

February 29, 2016
For the past years, China has been accused of producing and selling many fake products including food. Just a few months back, the fake plastic rice

PHOTOS: Bullies Beat-Up and Strip Teenager N***d As Classmates Stand By and Laugh

January 18, 2016
A young girl is severely beaten and stripped naked by a group of girls in her class, while her classmates laugh instead of coming to

JUST IN: Ghanaian Students In China Not Paid Monthly Stipend For 12 Months

January 10, 2016
About 30 Ghanaian graduate students on government scholarships in China have not been receiving their monthly stipend for the past 12 months. The students, who were

AMAZING!! Watch The Incredible Moment a Woman Gave Birth While Standing Up In The Street

December 17, 2015
Many times, we see things that restore our faith in humanity, this is one of those moments as a pregnant woman was forced to give

China Now Allows 2 Children Per Couple, Ends One-Child Policy

October 30, 2015
China has ended its one-child policy and will allow all couples to have two children.This is driven by fears that an aging population could jeopardize
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