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24 Things Women Do When Men Are Not Around

January 16, 2017
We see women walk the streets and they look so poised and beautiful. Forget the sweetness they show all the time because when men are not

10 Things Every Woman Says When Caught Cheating

January 16, 2017
Men lie, women lie and we all cheat and know how to defend ourselves when we find ourselves in that situation. Whenever a woman is caught

From texting to having sex: The Ultimate Full-body Workout to Flex Your Muscles WITHOUT Hitting The Gym

January 14, 2017
Anatomy expert Mike Aunger explains we use far more muscles than we realize Sex uses 657 muscles, dad dancing uses 85 muscles, texting uses 38 muscles Sometimes

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: An African Woman is Not A Firewood!! The Priceless Feeling When You Get Your ‘African Partner’ to Squirt & Get the Bed All Wet

January 13, 2017
Though a lot of s*xually active men and women consider female orgasm as the peak of s*xual excitement, defining it as “the acme of the

5 Things You Should Never Do On Someone Else's Phone

January 13, 2017
There are some situations where you find yourself using the phone of a friend, colleague or your significant other. For some people, this may be

Here’s How To Survive When You Get Dumped By Surprise

January 12, 2017
Breakups are terrible but they hurt even more if you get dumped and you never saw it coming. Maybe you thought you had finally found the

Do You Know Early Morning S*x Makes You Healthier and Happier? Find Out Here!

January 12, 2017
According to Women'sHealth, for most of the working world, the blaring of the alarm clock isn't a happy sound. So why not turn that rude

So Hilarious: Crazy S*x Video of a Young Couple Surfaces on Social (WATCH)

January 11, 2017
This is a crazy comedy skit involving a serial womanizer who has been in the die-hard habit of sleeping with different ladies on the same

11 Signs Your Friends Are Damaging Your Relationship

January 09, 2017
For most of us, our friends are our biggest support system.We need them more than anything else. But sometimes your friends might be bad for you,

LOL! Some Ladies Will Not Like This

January 09, 2017
Baby, who has this black bra? Because I don't wear black, mine are white and other colours. Gobe! But this guy who goes by the name

WATCH LIVESTREAMING: Inauguration of 7th Parliament

January 07, 2017
At the stroke of midnight on Friday 6th January 2017, history will be made as the 6th Parliament of the fourth republic dissolves to make

33 Absolutely Fascinating Facts About Sex You Never Knew

January 06, 2017
Maybe because it’s such a key element to our survival, sex is widely talked about. But we may have drummed up some facts about sex

Should I Text Him First? Find the Answer Using 10 Steps

January 06, 2017
At some point or another, we all wonder, “Should I text him first?” But what are you supposed to actually do? We have the answers

12 Lovely Pictures That Tell The Ghanaian Love Story

January 05, 2017
We all have a story to tell about our love lives, the struggles, the bliss, the hardships, little fights etc. till we finally get to

5 Things You Need To Negotiate Before Accepting A Job

January 04, 2017
As Nigerians focus on securing new jobs in the New Year, these are issues that should be ironed out before any employment contract is signed.  After

How to Get Rid of V@ginal Odor: 16 Ways to Beat the Sniff Test

January 03, 2017
Every girl goes through her moments where she may not be smelling her finest. Is it a problem? Sure. Is there a way to get

How to Have the Best S*x Ever: 15 Ways to Do It Every Single Time

January 03, 2017
If your sex life has been lacking, then you need some serious help. Here’s how you can change it around and have the best sex

Did You Know a Lil Doggy Style Can Give You Cancer? Find Out More

December 31, 2016
Doggy Style has been the most popular and most loved s*x positions for many couples over the years. Wait!! don’t you know what a doggy

How to Get Six Packs In 3 Months Without Sweating Too Much

December 31, 2016
You can get you desired six-packs by eating the right food and exercising the right way without having to do much.  Many people dream of having

Big and Fresh Boobs: Beautiful Ghanaian Girl Wrecks Internet with Private Photos

December 30, 2016
She knows she is hot, she knows she is well coveted by most men and she keeps teasing men with with her spotless skin and

AUDIO: Listen To Sarkodie Interview Addressing Controversy Over Stolen ‘Trumpet’ Beat, M.anifest Beef, Akwaboah + MORE

December 22, 2016
Rapper Sarkodie appeared on Pluzz Fm Wednesday (where his best fan decided to wash his car for free) and the rapper addressed numerous issues in

Rashida Black Beauty Takes Home The Prize For Viral Video Of The Year – ALL The Winners From The Jigwe Awards 2016 HERE

December 22, 2016
The 2016 Jigwe awards came off earlier today as expected, and the question on everyone’s minds was finally answered.   // Of course Rashida Black Beauty

VIDEO: Rashida Black Beauty Gives All The Background To Her Doomed Relationship With Kushman In This Interview

December 20, 2016
Rashida the Mala Fakka Black Beauty is one of the, if not the, top trending celebrities in the country right now, and her nomination for

Love and Affection: The Magic Spark in Long-Term Relationships

December 19, 2016
We all know there’s plenty of love and affection in a new relationship, but why do we forget all about its importance when we’re in

10 Intimate S*x Positions to Feel the Romance in the Bedroom

December 19, 2016
Aside from romantic walks or dinners, there are other ways to bring back the romance. Start right in your bedroom with these intimate sex positions. People

This is What His Favourite S*x Position Says About Him

December 16, 2016
Take a look at these interesting revelations what a man's favourit s*x position reveals about him you do not know about.  According to a report by
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