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Common Signs The Woman You Are Having S*x With is Infected

September 22, 2016
As a man, if you are s*xually active, you should also be alert for signs that the woman you are having s*x with could have

Guys, Don't Dull! There are 4 Signs to Tell If She Will Be Good in Bed or Not

September 20, 2016
These are certain signs to look out for in a woman to determine if she will be good in bed or not. These are some

4 Instances The Ghanaian Man Can Be Painfully Unromantic : When We Ask Them To Watch La Gata, They Tell Us We Are Feeding On Fiction

September 19, 2016
So yesterday I was asking if the much talked about hell is any real because if indeed hell is real, then I can with no

Revealed: The 3 Shocking S*x Diseases Men Are Most Likely to Catch Without Knowing

September 17, 2016
Sexually transmitted diseases can ruin your life if it is not taken care of in time. Here are three STDs men are most likely to

10 Things Every Guy Should Know How to Do With His Tongue During S*x...Don't Joke With Number 10

September 16, 2016
There are certain uses for the tongue during s*x and as a guy, you can't but just learn about them for your woman's sake.  By the

Revealed: Five S*x Positions Women Secretly Hate

September 16, 2016
According to a new survey, some women feel totally uncomfortable and secretly do not want to engage in some s*x positions.  EVER wondered what your partner

4 Home Remedies for Menstrual Pain

September 15, 2016
Although having a period is entirely natural, it’s also very painful for a lot of women, both physically and emotionally. For some women, their cramps might

100 Women Reveal 10 Ways Men Can Be Great in Bed...It's Interesting

September 14, 2016
You will learn a lot as hundred women have revealed in this detailed piece the secret most men don't know about being great in bed.  It’s

Asante Kotoko's Opoku Nti Refuses To Give Up On GPL Title

September 12, 2016
Chief Executive Officer of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Samuel Opoku Nti is refusing to throw in the towel in the Ghana Premier League title race. The Porcupine

Ghanaian Musician Reveals He Masturbated Seven Times A Day For Seven Years

September 12, 2016
Everybody has a past life and one of the many gospel musicians who is ready to give a testimony is Eric Jeshurun Okyere.  The gospel minister

Zara Boss-Amancio Ortega Overtakes Bill Gates to Become the Richest Person in the World

September 10, 2016
While some of us are always checking the coins in our bank accounts to ensure that we have enough to last us until the next

Must See: Nana Yaa Jamaican Of ‘Awurama’ Fame Stars in Another Raunchy Video

September 07, 2016
If you thought Nana Yaa Jamaican’s 15 minutes of fame is over then you are lying. After starring in Lord Paper’s much-talked-about raunchy video for

How to Be a Better Boyfriend: The Best She’s Ever Had

September 05, 2016
If you’re struggling with how to be a better boyfriend to your significant other, this is everything you’ll need to help you be the best

Guys!! 10 Tips on How to Be Romantic

September 05, 2016
As a guy, you probably don’t feel the onus is on you to be romantic. Maybe you’ve don’t even think the girl wants you to

Listen, Here are 14 Things You Must Know Before You Ever Think of Having S*x for the First Time

September 01, 2016
Before you ever think of getting deflowered, here are 14 things you must take very serious before ever thinking of having s*x.  Preparing to have s*x

Listen Guys, These Are 12 Things That Kill Your Relationship Faster Than Cheating...Don't Play with No 6

August 31, 2016
If you want your relationship to flourish, then you must pay good attention to these 12 points that can help save your relationship from collapse.  Cheating

Guys, Beware! These Are 10 Things Women Hate Before S*x...You Better Avoid No. 5

August 31, 2016
There are certain things women will not tolerate during s*x and you will be do well to stay away from doing them. Most women have a

Ladies! Here’re 4 Reasons You Should Have an Orgasm Everyday - Must Read

August 27, 2016
Ladies, I believe you’d agree with me that the main goal of having a sexual relationship is a connection and mutual pleasure. I also believe

Be Warned! This Everyday Household Item is Killing Your S*x Life

August 26, 2016
You must take this seriously! Scientists have made a shocking discovery of some household items that kill libido.  According to Dailystar, researchers have discovered some kitchen

Being Envious At Workplace Can Negatively Affect Your Efficiency

August 26, 2016
If you feel envious of others’ performance at workplace, be warned. This feeling may lead to a higher degree of ego depletion and can negatively

Video of Body Therapist Massaging Ghanaian Lady Wearing Nothing, Goes Viral

August 25, 2016
A video of a body therapist massaging a lady who is not wearing anything has been enjoyed by many Ghanaians on social media network, Facebook

New Research Says Married Couples Who Watch P*rn Double the Risk of Divorce

August 22, 2016
Though some claim p*rn can be a good material when it comes to spicing up a boring relationship, a new research suggests that marriage couples

Ladies! This is Why You Should Never Wear Any Underwear to Bed at Night

August 20, 2016
A new revelation has been made about the effects of going to bed without any underwear on and why you have to adhere to it.  One

9 Weirdest Ways African Men End Relationships–That Satan Wouldn’t Even Approve Of The Methods

August 15, 2016
Two people normally agree to be in a relationship–and this ground is mostly reached after many conversations and sometimes dates. It’s reasonable that people who get

FIVE Signs That He Is Not Into You | His Indecision Is Decision Enough: TIME TO DROP THAT YAM

August 15, 2016
There is nothing intensely infuriating in the world of dating and relationship than been with someone who seem heads over heels in love with you

Guys!! Check Out 5 S*x Moves You Think She Likes, But Doesn't

August 13, 2016
There are certain things men do in bed that they feel will blow their women away, but are actually wrong about. These are some of
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