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Musically inclined,loving God's kingdom missions,visiting orphans and appreciating all that is good for the Kingdom of God.His tremendous passion for music move to the extreme when he acquired his first acoustic guitar on 25th May,2009.Significantly,Ike Boat's song book contains a compilation of his many composed solely rehearsed songs ranging from morally sound rhythmic lyrical reggae,inspirational,motivational and gospel genre.Despite the fact some of his songs are pending break-through spirit-filled strategical arrangement,vocal coaching and production drive.He's also been an outstanding backing vocalist on diverse platforms.Some of his song titles includes the following :I. Gabbatha To Golgotha - Gospel ReggaeII. Don't Give Up - Motivational PieceIII. Jesus On CD - Praise' TempoIV. Sagre De Cristo - Inspirational Worship ie(Spanish/English Mix).V. He's So Pacific - Carol MedleyWithout a shadow of doubt,Ike Boat is always open for global partnerships,opportunities to serve,collaborations of all kinds and meekness to be a blessing.Factually,his maiden single 'Jubilee Love' having played on RCI's Maple Leaf Mail Bag program courtesy 'Ian Jones' the host of the show made him have phone interview for on-air listening.His appearance,else presence on the local TV3 music audition show became a stepping stone as well booster and motivator to unearth his dream and potential as a prolific ambitious figure of his caliber.At his spare time he writes morally sound songs,both advertorial and promotional scripts for companies,stores etc.. purposely for recording in studio,poems and articles are some of his favorites as well.Nevertheless,his ultimate concern for the floral and fauna habitat makes him have that superficial sensation and sensitization as an individual environmentalist.He's lives among orphans,besides his heart for the less privilege in the society motivates and empowers him to serve with-out being partial in all spheres of human endeavor.Some neighbors call him the 'Prof,' probably due to his natural teaching ability and fluency in communicating,else in other words conversing to both small or big audience.He speaks the English Brit accent with clarity of diction and tone.With regards to his spiritual life,he's described as 'Bible Basher' by virtue of his intensive memorization of the scriptures and long hours for studying the infallible Word of God.Christ .He's often-times among the backing vocalist at the praise,prayer and worship team of a church.He's also often was part and parcel of the 'Morning Glory' devotional program on Help 103.9 FM in the city where he's originally born.ie(2009).According to him 'Ike Boat',one of the joyous moment in his life is when solitary reflects on the periodical mingles among different tribes,cultures and races in fulfillment of the great commission.Aside the pursuance of his missionary zeal in relation to globalization and the like-minded.He tends to write a lot but not a garrulous,more-so he likes to taste continental dishes but not a gluttonous.Last but not the least,on radio talk-show he's been a panelist.Better still,on music platforms,he's been a vocalist and on social issues and articles,he's been described as the journal-chap but in all spirituality in the Most High keeps Him going.

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