So Hilarious: Crazy Video of a Young Couple Surfaces on Social (WATCH)

This is a crazy comedy skit involving a serial womanizer who has been in the die-hard habit of sleeping with different ladies on the same bed. 

U.S-based comedians, Maria Mobil and Ofili are back again with another banging romantic comedy skit. In the short video clip, the man brought in his horny girlfriend to the room where he was purported to have slept with several other ladies.
After the romantic experience, the lady demanded for her panties which was thrown by the side of the man's bed where the s*x act occurred. As the man attempted to check for her panties, he realized there were about four other panties of other girlfriends of his dumped there.
He was shocked as he couldn't identity the lady's panties. Any inquiry from her would have blown his promiscous nature.

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