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Barima Kwasi Anyane V, Chief Of Anum Asamankese Opens Up On Corruption Invading The Palace

Barima Kwasi Anyane V, Chief Of Anum Asamankese Opens Up On Corruption Invading The Palace Barima Kwasi Anyane V

Chief of Anum Asamankese Barima Kwasi Anyane V, last weekend performed rites to destool eight of his sub-chiefs for various offensive reasons.

In a recent interview with Barima Kwasi Anyane V, he revealed to GhanaNation.com the various challenges he has been facing over the last eight years, that finally led to the destoolment

of some of his sub chiefs.

According to Barima Kwasi Anyane V, the 8 sub chiefs wanted to go their own way, so he ended up destooling them. Apparently these sub chiefs were insubordinate and 

churlish. They had no respect for the main chief in their day to day activities.

Barima Kwasi Anyane V told GhanaNation.com that these sub chiefs had no ambition, no plans for the community, and did not care about the development of the town. Nana bitterly

complained about coming all the way from abroad and taking part in communal labor in the community. But once he leaves the country, the sub chiefs don't do anything after that to help.

Recently the Government issued a national sanitation day, but the sub chiefs don't want to do that either. The whole town is always left in a big mess once the Chief leaves.

Basically all the sub chiefs like to do is to go to funerals and spend every money that comes into the chief's palace.

Barima Kwasi Anyane V also revealed to GhanaNation.com that even the Arbitration committe is disregarded by the 8 sub chiefs and Kwame Amoah (Asafoatse) rather uses his

home as a small court, collects money from folks and pockets it.

As tradition demands it, Barima Kwasi Anyane V has to pay allegiance to the Okyehene on a yearly basis.

Recently, while he was away in Europe, the Okyehene sent his folks to come and collect his yearly dues. The sub chiefs who were suppose to pay the money

in his absence, just ignored them. Due to that Barima Kwasi Anyane was summoned and had to pay 3 times the original amount.

In regards to traditional meetings, when the sub chiefs attend, they are required to give an update of everything that takes place to Barima Kwasi Anyane, 

but unfortunately they come back and don't inform Nana about anything.

Another incident that took place some time back which depicted the reckless and irresponsible behaviours of the sub chiefs is when the Mankrado beat up 

someone's wife at the farm. The Mankrado was convicted and was either to go to jail or pay a fine. Barima Kwasi Anyane V told the Mankrado he couldn't continue

serving as a chief after that incident. Due to that some of the sub chiefs connived to destool Barima Kwasi Anyane.

Other appalling behaviours of the sub chiefs concerns land issues. After handling cases involving lands, because they have personal information

of the parties involved, they sometimes go behind the person's back and take the land from them. People have died due to the pain and aguish suffered from such

incidents. They have no feelings or pity for anyone.

Barima Kwasi Anyane also complained about coming from abroad every year and going to all the schools to check on their needs. When he asks the sub chiefs to go 

around at least every 3 months whilst he is away, they refuse to do so.

They don't even attend traditional meetings held on Akwasidae. When they even come they are disrespectful to the main chief.

Barima Kwasi Anyane found out they had hidden land belonging to the chieftancy for 7 years and had squandered all the proceeds from the land.

In short, there is just too much corruption among the sub chiefs at the moment.

Absolutely no income comes to the palace. The chief takes care of all the bills and everything out of his own pocket. Folks in the palace steal from him. 

Barima Kwasi Anyane says he shipped a car he purchased with his own money from Europe, only to get back home and find out the sub chiefs had sold the car and spent

the money on themselves. He bought drums to be used at the palace, but that was stolen also. Even his tv in his room was stolen too. He was at one point planning to renovate 

the palace at his own expense. He had an Architect draw up all the plan but then the sub chiefs refused because they said Barima Kwasi Anyane will be living

in there and will be enjoying the comfort of a clean looking palace. At the moment, the palace is actually in shambles and looks very pitiful.

Barima Kwasi Anyane says he is very fed up and the easy thing to do would be to just quit the chieftancy and

continue with his life in Europe. But due to his love for the community, he has decided to stayand help solve the issues at hand. Becuase he checks everything they

do, they dont like him.They collect money from individuals and don't use it for what it's meant for.

Barima Kwasi Anyane shared with GhanaNation.com that a sub chief called Anyane Kwatia in the US, keeps bragging that he is the chief of Anum Asamankese.

Anyane Kwatia feels threatened with Barima Kwasi Anyane in Europe.

Anyane Kwatia finances the sub chiefs with their bad behaviours. He only says negative things about Barima Kwasi Anyane to other folks in the community.

Barima Kwasi Anyane V says he is praying for some hardworking intellectuals, who have the well-being of the community at heart to help him lift up the 

Anum Asamankese district.



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