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White Man Seen Driving Ghana's Police Van

White Man Seen Driving Ghana's Police Van White man Seen Driving Ghana's Police Van

The police administration is investigating a case in which a whiteman was seen driving a police van on the eve of Christmas.

An eyewitness sighted the white man driving the police van with registration number GP 3836 around Dansoman in Accra and blaring the sirens at 9:30pm.

"I was in a car with my family and we were coming from the Sahara side of Dansoman heading towards first stop.

"When we got to the roundabout I saw the police car being driven by a middle-aged white man. There was an occupant at the passenger seat and another at the back of the van.

"We followed it and when we got to the roundabout it negotiated and headed towards the Dansoman Keep fit.

"I was trying to follow up and get some pictures but it sped off. I took the number," he narrated.

Per the law, only Ghanaians of 18-years and above are enlisted into the Ghana police.

The Police Service has confirmed receiving information on the incident and has promised to begin investigations into it as soon as possible.

DSP Cephas Arthur who is with the Public Affairs Department of the service told JOY NEWS they will track down and take punitive measures against personnel found culpable.

To the best of his knowledge, no white man of that description is within the Service and would be an aberration for a non-Ghanaian to be seen driving a police vehicle.

"So it is easy to track down whoever has committed any offence at whatever point in time.

"I am going to pursue it seriously, take it up with the authorities and try to see whoever is responsible for this.

"If it turns out to be that there was a white man driving a police vehicle and such a white man is not a Ghana Police officer... [disciplinary measures will be taken].

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