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Lady Shares Her Encounter With KKD & Says ‘It Could Have Been Me'

Lady Shares Her Encounter With KKD & Says ‘It Could Have Been Me' Lady Shares Her Encounter With KKD

Few years ago, whiles attending a beauty contest with my cousine at the National Theatre, I met the man called KKD. We had arrived and taken our seats when someone requested my audience. 

My cousine inquired from the messenger and was told KKD wanted to see me so she allowed me to go to him. I followed the messenger and met for the first time the man who I had heard so much abut and seen a little on TV. But regarding the fact that I have always been that girl who is hardly moved by names, status and wealth, I maintained my cool.

The first thing he asked me upon reaching where he stood with some friends was 'How tall are you?'. It must be a frequent question he asks young tall girls like myself. I replied him I didn't know my height. Then he said 'You are beautiful, I would like to sponsor your modeling career'. I smiled and told him I was still in school and that I would like to wait until after SSS. He insisted and said I should go to Exopa Modelling Agency, ask for Mr. Ibrahim Sima and inform him he KKD sent me.

Well, to a young girl who has so often been referenced with her height, connected to modelling and pagentry, this was a golden opportunity. But I still wanted to achieve my academic dreams too so I waited with plans of accepting his offer after SSS and joining the biggest modeling agency in Ghana by then. Well, the bad or good news is that I never got to join since its CEO was arrested just few weeks after I had met KKD.

The 19yr old girl who claimed to have been raped by KKD, according to the prosecution, said KKD admired her height whiles she attended a fashion show with her cousine that night and asked her to assist him with his make-up, then pounced on her. I AM NOT SURPRISED. ARE YOU?

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