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Kwaw Kese Reveals Why His Wife Left Him

Kwaw Kese Reveals Why His Wife Left Him Kwaw Kese And D Black

Multiple award-winning rapper, Kwaw Kese has opened up about royalties from the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), his wife, and other issues regarding his life on last Sunday’s edition of ‘Hanging Out with KOD’.

Kwaw Kese and Ann were married for six years, and they have one daughter together.

When asked by KOD what actually led to his divorce, Kwaw Kese said, “I want to set records straight for the first time and be free, like we always say, the truth shall set you free.

“I cheated on Ann several times; men will continue to be men when it comes to cheating, and I did silly stuffs and as well, inability to manage stardom also played a major role which led to the divorce” he revealed this in an emotional mood.

Kwaw Kese also added that he regretted the divorce, but life must still go on.

On whether he is getting ready to marry again, he said “Sure, very soon, you don’t expect a man with a big ‘bansele’ like me to just stay alone for long, I can’t survive alone”.

About GHAMRO and royalties

When asked by host, Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), whether he is happy with the affairs of GHAMRO, he said, “The music industry is generating lots of money, serving as a source of employment and other important stuffs, but still we don’t have measures in place to ensure smooth running of the affairs over there, the structures are not being put in place to ensure the proper welfare of musicians”.

Kwaw Kese also added that the authorities at GHAMRO cannot continue to be using the monies due them, and be giving them to musicians whose songs are not being played currently or at all.

He said, “It’s just not fair that we are not being paid our royalties at all; we the new crop of musicians are suffering, how can our monies due us be given to someone whose songs are not being played again, the authorities don’t expect us to work hard and our end means will be given to someone who entirely doesn’t deserve to be given that amount, the way the royalties are distributed should be given a second look, it’s just not fair, they are cheating we the new crop of musicians.”

He also added that he has done music for over 10 years now but has still not received a dime for his labour. He advised that the new GHAMRO board should employ experts to steer the affairs, reconsider the way royalties are being distributed and start using the logging system, among other interventions.

Kwaw advised the up and coming ones to be original and believe in themselves that they will also get there one day.

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