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Checkout 5 Incredible Historic Sites You Should Visit In Ghana

Checkout 5 Incredible Historic Sites You Should Visit In Ghana TONGO TENGZUK CULTURAL LANDSCAPE

Arguably the most hospitable place in West Africa, Ghana is a great country with lots of history. Avid travellers will tell you how much they have learned about the world from packing their bags and heading for various destinations.

It is indeed true that travel is one great form of education. If you are curious about historic sites in Ghana, join us as we explore 5 monuments and landmarks in the land of justice and freedom, with our list of 5 Incredible historic sites you should visit in Ghana.

On your trip to the capital city of the Ashanti Region, one of the essential places to visit is the Kumasi Fort and Military Museum. It is situated in the Uaddara Barracks. The fort has an interesting history that can be traced back to 1820. It was built by the King of the Asante Kingdom, Osie Tutu in an effort to recreate the coastal forts built by European merchants in Kumasi.

Granites and brown soil from the Cape Coast was used to build it. Visiting the fort and museum offers tourists the opportunity to learn about the Ashanti rebellion. The museum houses historical artifacts of the British-Asante war and those of the Second World War. The museum is opened every day of the week and attracts a fee for a tour.


The journey to the town of Gwollu located in the North Eastern part of Ghana promises another exciting history class. In order to defend the people of Gwollu town against the slave trade in the 19th century, Gwollu Koro Limann built the wall on the border of the town.   If you ever wondered what form of resistance was put against slavery, then this is the perfect evidence.


The old Navrongo Catholic Cathedral, listed on the tentative list of World Heritage Site, is located in Navrongo, Upper East Region of Ghana. The architectural structure is reminiscent of European style constructed with local techniques. The cathedral is built with mud bricks and the flooring is made of cow dung, yam bean and compacted gravel.


Another interesting thing to do in Ghana is to take a cultural tour. One of the important cultural tourism destinations in the Wa Region is Wa Naa’s Palace. The palace is the home of the king of Wala people and located in Wa town. The traditional Sudanese architecture of the building is remarkable. Visitors will see the graveyard of past Wa Naas in front of the palace.


The town of Tengzuk is a favourite destination for many tourists seeking a unique cultural experience. Tengzuk town is located in the Talensi-Nabdam District, some 15 kilometres from Bolgatanga in Upper East Region of Ghana. What is fascinating about this destination is in the peculiarity of the rock formations and the sacred shrines. Visitors to the cultural landscape and shrines have to pay a tour fee to visit the shrines, caves and house of the Chief.

It is surely an adventure to discover great monuments and other destinations in Ghana. You can easily book the best hotels in Ghana at the guaranteed best price through Jovago. Visit these destinations and share with us your experience.

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