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GMA: Government Must Apologise Not Us

GMA: Government Must Apologise Not Us Mahama

The General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr. Frank Serebour has insisted that they do not owe Ghanaians any apology over the three-week long strike.

The GMA on Friday called off the strike, yielding to public appeal.

He said it is government that should be apologising.He was speaking on Eyewitness News when he was asked whether the GMA will apologise to Ghanaians for the needless deaths that occurred when public sector workers embarked on strike for three weeks.

“If there is any apology to such people, I think it should come from government and not the Ghana Medical Association,” he insisted.

It has also directed it’s members to report to work on Monday August 24, 2015.


Meanwhile, Dr. Serebour  rejected claims that calling off the strike means they had been defeated by government.


“The issue with the GMA is that we are a very democratic organization, people have their views and opinions. Even in this meeting, there were varied views but at the end of the day we go with the collective opinion and then we accept. So that is exactly what we did today.”

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