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Ofori Amponsah Is Fake - Omanhene Pozoh Fires

Ofori Amponsah Is Fake - Omanhene Pozoh Fires Ofori Amponsah

Ghanaian hiplife rapper Emmanuel Amponsah popularly known as Omanhene Pozoh has said former highlife musician now a pastor Ofori Amponsah is faking his supposed calling by god.

According to Omanhene, Ofori Amponsah after his last album released ‘flopped’ couldnt resurface so, he chose the gospel and ministry way.

In an answer to his parents being pastors and whether he will go into ministering or not Omanhene said, “If you release an album and it does not go well, you don’t make fun of god. I cannot make fun of god like Ofori Amponsah is doing – and if I should become a pastor it will be the call of god.” Omanhene Pozo said on Breeze Fm 90.9.

Commenting on Lord Kenya’s situation, Omanhene said Lord Kenya is a genuine pastor.

“Lord Kenya, I would say is a real pastor, his own case is a serious issue and I can say for a fact because I have pastors in my family”.

Omanhene Pozoh is a child to the late Opoku Manu and Madam Dora Asantewaa both from Aburi in Eastern region of Ghana.

After secondary school, Emmanuel Amponsah met Sydney and Joyti both artistes and formed the musical group called ‘Nananom’. They worked together for about 3 years recording hit songs like Wo kyre wohu, Awura adjoa, Ofie nii fie, and so on.

Omanhene Pozoh went solo in his music career in 1999 and has 6 albums to his credit. He has subsequently had a successful solo career, following a trend of reproducing old-school highlife hits which has given them the chance to work with greats like Awurama Badu, Alhaji K. Frimpong and C. K. Mann.

He is married to Madam Tracy Amponsah and they are blessed with 4 children.

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