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Breaking: Kiki Banson And Becca Back Together?

Breaking: Kiki Banson And Becca Back Together? Kiki Banson And Becca

The story of Becca and Kiki Banson started about eight years ago when the two met and decided to take the Ghana music industry by storm and show the world that two good heads cannot just wrong.

Both took the industry in an awesome manner and caressed it no doubt, they made it look like the game was so easy, they made it look so blessed – a worn-out cliché we will be using without the intention of putting you off their former ‘love story’.

Becca and Kiki Banson virtually did everything together, from churning music, selling hits, travelling from Brazil to Japan to everywhere together, winning awards both home and away, and wait for this, they were one of the world’s most admired jolly good fellows.

Together they were adventurous and daring, taking every strides in branding and packaging what the world saw as the final product. They both dreamt and achieved together.

Then suddenly, the unimaginable happened – ‘Becca and Kiki Banson path ways!’

This didn’t only stun us, it broke our hearts. It just didn’t break our hearts; it brought up questions that never will gain answers even if posterity quizzes the hell out of our heads. When we asked Kiki, “what went wrong?” He will not say a word.

When we asked Becca, “what went wrong?” She will not say a word either and until this day. But from our puzzle, the irony lingers that these two didn’t really say “good bye”, and if they did, then it was done in a fashionable way that even skeptics wouldn’t be able to predict their comeback.

Our source vividly has it that these two are back together for good but what lingers in between the lines is that are they back as jolly good fellows or are they back to work as a creative instinct?

This is the industry they love so much and no issue is too serious or unserious to be thrashed and move on. But one thing is sure, no matter how serious or tragic their supposed breakup came to us, in few weeks you will be able to have a take-home pack with some food for thought and, of course, understand that these two truly valued their friendship and will not allow anything to make it grow stale.

Nevertheless, it looks to Us that we going to see another GIRL TALK Concert with Becca!

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