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Agya Koo Is The Most Arrogant Actor – Frank Gharbin

Agya Koo Is The Most Arrogant Actor – Frank Gharbin Agya Koo

An attempt to resolve the protracted dispute between Ghana Movie icon, Alex Kofi Adu, aka Agya Koo, and Film Director Frank Fiifi Gharbin has hit another rock.

One of Ghana’s finest Film Director Frank Fiifi Gharbin has descended heavily on ace actor Alexander Kofi Adu describing him as the most arrogant personality in the movie industry.


According to him, the actor has profusely refused to succumb to the rules and regulations in the industry.

It will be recalled that three years ago the actor sued producers of Okomfo Anokye Movie (Paul Gee) and the director of the said movie Frank Gharbin for using someone’s buttocks to symbolize him in the movie of which it wasn’t part of the contract they all agreed on.

Recently Agya Koo ordered Gharbin to clear the airwaves about that aspect in the movie before he can work with him.

Frank Gharbin a.k.a King Soba

Speaking on Boss fm in Kumasi on Saturday 19th September 19, 2015, Frank Fiifi Gharbin said he has done all his best to work with the actor but it seems Agya Koo doesn’t want to open up his doors.

‘’ we are working on a new project of which Agya Koo, Lil win, Kwaku Manu, and Vivian Jill are to be featured in but unfortunately Agya Koo is complaining about the amount we are given him, we agreed to offer him 4000 cedis per 10 scenes a day but he said is insufficient, I pleaded on him to accept it but he refused so I called Akrobeto and gave him half of the 4000 (40 million old cedis) and he did it for us ‘’.

Frank Gharbin affectionately called King Soba said he is much disappointed in the actor‘s demeanor. ‘’ in this hardship no actor will demand such amount but we decided to pay it to him and look at the mess he has caused, even the President of the Republic of Ghana will been much disappointed in Agya Koo when he hear that Agya Koo has rejected 4000 cedis contract for ten scenes a day ‘’.

‘’currently no actor in this country can charge such an amount per day, it can’t be possible, he stressed

King Soba called on Agya Koo to put a stop to his self-important posture for the betterment of the film industry.

However, the producer of the movie Van Vicker has also expressed his outmost disappointment in his colleague actor.

He said he feel much surprised about the conduct of Agya Koo and called on him to resolve things out harmoniously.

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