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Friendship Gone Bad: Eddie Nartey Disgraces Eddie Watson In Public

Friendship Gone Bad: Eddie Nartey Disgraces Eddie Watson In Public Eddie Nartey And Eddie Watson

Ghanaian actor and movie director, Eddie Nartey has vented his anger against old friend Eddie Watson. Eddie Nartey on instagram leveled many charges against the Liberian-born Ghanaian-based actor for tarnishing his image.


According to Nartey, the producer of “She Prayed” has been jumping from one office to the other spreading false information about him.

Eddie Nartey in his instagram post added that he kept mute after Naomi Watson, Eddie Watson’s wife rained insults and curses on him.

The two Eddies were very good friends who worked on many projects together. Eddie Nartey supported Watson last year, May 22 when he celebrated his birthday with New Life Orphanage International located at Nungua in Accra.


Eddie Nartey wrote:

Before you sound the trumpet of ungratefulness, replay the events from day one. 

I have virtually ignored all the lies you #Eddie Watson have been saying about me to others just to slander my name but I think this nonsense is getting out of hands. If slandering me with lies becomes the best way to appreciate or say thank you, why don’t you use that same tongue to at least tell them from day.

Is that my reward for those nights you stood on me, jumping from on house to another, one spot to the other just to finish your script because of Dumsor? 

Is that my reward for planning your production for you even though I was the director whiles you take producing credit and sleep? 

Is that my reward for……no need to even mention them all cuz you and everyone who was on that production know the truth. So tell the public the truth rather than tarnishing my hard earned image. 

Have you told them how much you paid me? Still waiting for a pesewa Sef. 

Have you told them that we went on production break because your money was finished? And the next thing we heard, you have become a director Continuing the movie. I was shocked as much as Pascaline Edwards, and other members of the crew. Tell the people the TRUTH.

Listen, the same producers you went bad mouthing called me into their offices and told me exactly the bad image you are painting for me in this industry. All for what? All for WHAT??? What do you stand to gain? 

I dare you to tell Ghana what wrong I did you even after your wife sent me messages of insult and curses after all I did for you. 

Soldier when it’s Beautiful, Don’t ruin it. Sorry, you are not even a soldier anymore!!!’ And STOP THE LIES EDDIE WATSON!! Let God be the judge!

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