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We are on track to provide 200 community schools- Mahama

President John Mahama has said his government is well on track to provide the 200 Community Schools promised in the National Democratic Congress (NDC's) elections 2012 manifesto.

Speaking in an interview on Twin City radio in Takoradi in the Western Region, Monday, the president said a total of 123 of the schools have been awarded on contract and are in different stages of completion. He said 23 of those would be financed by the World Bank.

The president was speaking ahead of his presidential primary on November 7. Being the sole candidate in the primary the president will be looking to garner 51 per cent of the total votes cast to be endorsed by card-bearing members of the governing National Democratic Congress.

He said his government has done a lot for him to be retained as the leader of the party.

Having already commissioned one of the community schools in Otuam in the Central Region, named after the late president John Mills, the president is expected to commission another community school at Bameako in the Western region later this afternoon.

He added that 50 more contracts will be awarded later next year under the community day schools project.

"We awarded contract for the first 50 and most of those are at an advanced stages of completion...There are several others that are almost completed of those first 50.

"We have for this financial year awarded another 50. The sites have been handed over to the contractors and they are supposed to start work.

"The intention is to award another 50 next year but they will depend on budgetary issues and budgetary constraints but we will see how things go.

"The programme is on track," he assured.

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