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Neither Hollywood Nor $1m Will Make Me Go Nude

Neither Hollywood Nor $1m Will Make Me Go Nude Jessica Williams

Budding Ghanaian actress, Jessica Williams has vowed never to go nude in front of any movie camera irrespective of how juicy the deal is.

The actress, who has set her sights on upholding Ghana’s cultural values and women dignity, says not even a Hollywood role or $1 million will make her expose the precious endowments God has given her.

The issue of actors and actresses going nude in movies has been a dicey debate over the years with actors and actresses taking sides. Some say they will go nude if the role demands it and the money is good but Jessica, who has been in the industry for the past three years, says she is not one of them.

She told Myjoyonline.com in an interview that, “It depends on your definition of nudity. I wouldn’t go butt naked in front of a camera. I can do something like a swim suit, a panty and a bra, if the character demands.”

Jessica Williams, born Joyce Williams, was quick to stress that, “No, I wouldn’t go nude in front of a camera for what so amount,” not even $1 million or a Hollywood movie role. “No, am not a porn star,” the 26-year-old noted.

The pretty actress has chalked a couple of successes and has starred in several household productions.

Prominent among her works is, ‘Living with Trisha’, an award winning series shown on Viasat 1 TV in which she plays a lead role.

She also has series, ‘The Storm’, ‘Charade’, shown on DStv African Magic, Excapade, to her credit. For movies, Jessica has starred in ‘Rape Case, ‘Prince Sam’, ‘The Pledge’, ‘Mabr3 Agu’ among others.

For those who have watched Bisa Kdei’s hit music video ‘Odo Carpenter’, Jessica is that pretty lady in the wheel chair. She effortlessly played the role of a crippled wife.

She described herself as a very hardworking, focused, determined and versatile person, who is ready to learn and take up new challenges. “I am determined to becoming the very best in life and my career,” she said.

Jessica is the daughter of one of Ghana’s formal and biggest movie producers, Alex Boateng, popularly known in the industry as Alexboat Production.

She had her secondary school education at Kumasi Girls Secondary School and tertiary education at the Accra Polytechnic where she studied Accounting.

Coming from a family with a history in movie making, the 26-year-old says “I have always had the passion to act and showcase my God given talent to Ghana and the world.”

To her, she is pegging her life’s hopes on acting and believes that, “life is all about taking risks and this is something I have a passion for and I believe I will excel in. The risk is worth taking.”

With several projects in the pipeline for her, Jessica believes that in the next five years, she will become one of Africa’s renowned actresses.

“I will also love to give back to society in my own little way, by setting up a production house and giving the younger generation the platform to display their talents,” Jessica added.

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