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Dencia Talks About Her Breast Surgery At 13

Whitenicious boss, Dencia, has narrated how she went under the knife for a surgery on her breast when she was only 13.

According to her, the experience was scary, but she expressed joy in overcoming the challenge back then.

"One faithful day, when I was 13 years old, as I laid on my bed, I randomly touched my breast and felt a lump in my right breast. I screamed, jumped and ran to my grandma's room. She touched around and said something was wrong.

“I was so nervous and couldn't wait until 8am to go to the hospital. We consulted with a few family doctors who sent us to a specialist. That same day I was doing my first mammogram ever, I was just 13 but had grown boobies (lol).

“The doctor said the cyst was way too big and was making me sicker. Luckily, I was already scheduled for another surgery in a few days for my throat and nose. The doctor added my breast to my already scheduled surgery.


“I asked how I had the lump in my breast. Needless to say waking up to two major surgeries and wouldn't be able to talk for three months and bleeding all over wasn't fun, but my issues might have ended physically but the emotional torture was on its way.

“The doctor informed me that there is preliminary evidence that women with breast cysts may be at an increased risk of breast cancer, especially at younger ages and that I had something related to cancer (bla bla bla); that story wasn't for me.

“There goes my school year, before healing, I had to start getting other tests done all over the place to make sure I wasn't at risk cancer.

“I was so scared and honestly I didn't know much about cancer, I just knew it killed people. I did a lot of research and realized all I needed to do was check-up and make sure I was on top of my exams, mammograms and all the not so fun but necessary things.

“I still wear the scar from that cyst, it's a big a*s scar that I am still trying to get rid it off 10+ years later but every time I look at it, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have caught that big a*s cyst; lucky to have a grandma who was on top of it all.

“A lot of young girls around the world don't have that and a lot of young and older girls and women do have the opportunity to check, do mammograms and pap smears but don't do it.

“Breast cancer awareness and other cancers should be all year round, stay on top, stay informed, check yourself and if you don't know how to, ask your mom, doctor, friend etc,” she narrated.

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