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I Have No Idea Who God Is - Ghanaian Actress

I Have No Idea Who God Is - Ghanaian Actress Anima Misa Amoah

Prolific Ghanaian actress, Anima Misa Amoah, has dispelled the traditional concept that characterizes God into an all-powerful being “up in the skies pulling up all your strings,” saying such a being does not exist.

The self-acclaimed atheist who said she has “a different concept of what God is” told Bola Ray on the Starr Chat on Wednesday, people should stop using their imaginations to personify the higher powers that control the universe.

“We have this god that we attribute all these human qualities and the attributes… God is not a he or a she either. We are talking about something that is not human so a human name is not necessary,” she added.

When asked by Bola Ray who God is to her, Anima said “I have no idea, I have no idea. But I know there are things that I would never understand. I think that there is a force of some sort.”

Anima, who is well known for her role in the movie Heritage Africa, is currently the General Manager for media and arts company, Sapphire Ghana.

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