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BREAKING: Ghana To Send 6 Helicopters To Syria To Help Fight ISIS?

BREAKING: Ghana To Send 6 Helicopters To Syria To Help Fight ISIS? File Photo

We are bathing in ‘Dumsor’ in Ghana but from what we’ve heard, President John Dramani Mahama who hates to be called incompetent has held a close door meeting with his security experts in Accra—discussing how many helicopters they can send out to Syria to fight the extremist group-ISIS.

The fight against ISIS is not a joke—currently, France has deplored its biggest warship-Charles De Gaulle, packed with many fighter jets on its way to Syria to help smash down ISIS.

Russia has been on an unending bomb assault, deflating the deluded stomachs of these ISIS fighters each night with airstrikes—which intensified when it emerged that ISIS actually used a bomb to bring down the recent crashed Russian passenger plane.

According to UK’s MailOnline: so far “dozens of jihadists have been wounded in bombing raids [by Russia and France forces] which targeted weapons depots, barracks and checkpoints in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.”

“France intensified strikes on Raqqa following last week’s attacks in Paris that left 129 dead, with warplanes carrying out dozens of attacks on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday,” the website added.

Though President Obama has not been talking much, so far, America is responsible for about 90% of the air strikes against ISIS—calm but his bombers are blasting the militant group, right, left and center.

Perhaps, after watching a few of the released air strike videos on Youtube—President John Dramani Mahama feels like John Rambo in First Blood II, and thinks Ghana can contribute, so we will be sending some helicopters to aid the fight.

President Mahama is certain this is the time for Ghana to show its military strength and prowess though we do not have any aircraft carrier. The largest of such warships we have in Ghana is a canoe the fishermen use on the Ada river. The last time the government borrowed this to use was when Ghanaian highlife musician-Castro was adopted by underwater aliens at Ada.

But then Asiedu Nketiah popularly known as General Mosquitoe who was also at the security meeting noted that, UK does not even have an aircraft carrier yet it bombs extremists all the time so Ghana can join the fight—a comment which got President Mahama smiling with confidence.

As we wait for Ghana to send out these helicopters, provided we get enough fuel for them to make it to Syria, we’ve been thinking about how Ghana can also monitor the number of extremists our helicopters will kill in Syria.

And GhanaCelebrities.Com’s satirical team responsible for this piece came up with a clever idea: let’s send vice President­-Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur into ISIS’ Raqqa compound for him to head count how many of them are there. Then after our helicopter airstrike, he will go back there to count how many of them we managed to eliminate.

We understand he may not come back but he’s pretty much of no use to us in Ghana so we won’t even notice his disappearance.

On hearing this news, several Ghanaians have taken to social media to express their disapproval—with GhanaCelebrities.Com‘s managing Editor-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri begging President Mahama not to get involve.

Source: ghanacelebrities

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