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Check out 10 Things Ghanaians Learned During Colonization That We Still Do Today

Check out 10 Things Ghanaians Learned During Colonization That We Still Do Today 10 Things Ghanaians Learned During Colonization

Sure we have our own problems in Ama Ghana.

… but have you thought about why our women prefer to bleach their skin?  Why people who are not fond of the English language are seen as inferior? Why schools in say Kumasi will punish a student for speaking Twi?

Here are some of the ills we picked up from colonization that still hunts us today.

1. Self-hate.

Many Ghanaians have negative perception of themselves hence skin bleaching is very rampant in our side of the world as our standard of beauty is “white”.

2. Many of us still believe our indigenous religions are pure evil so we tramp to churches and our homes are still decorated with a picture of a white Jesus.

3. Our schools are still indoctrinated by “White” and “Arabic” agenda curriculum.

Many Ghanaians know the history of U.S. and other Western Civilization more than our very own. They can tell you things that even the commoner from those places have no clue off.

4. Most Ghanaians only speak European languages at home and in public, because to them our local languages are ‘colo’.

Same are even flat out ashamed of being seen speaking Twi, Fante, Ga, Ewe etc.

5. Many Ghanaians despise using their Ghanaian names so much that, you see “Abena” spelt as “Abyna” or anything close to sounding “white”.

6. Don’t even get me started on our clothes. 

We hate wearing it so much that the Kufour government in 2004 had to institute a National Friday Wear initiative to “force” us to wear our own traditional attire. The Mahama government also in 2015 launched the “Batakari Day” for the first Friday of every month. Imagine, Europeans having a National Suit Day ..smh!

7. Our politicians often seem to run Ghana like puppets to European or Asian power agendas.

They always write policies and sign contracts that benefit external forces than the people that have been sworn in to serve – Ghanaians.

8. The typical Ghanaian prefers to spend the majority of their resources in the development and advancement of other racial and ethnic groups.

Aka. everything foreign is better than Made in Ghana.

9. The divide-and-conquer techniques that whites use to separate us during colonization is still very visible today.

Playing the tribal card seems to the order of the day in our politics.

10. Oyibo worshippers.

Do i have to say anything here? We respect anyone with a lil melanin in their skin than our own family members.

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