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You Need To SEE What Kofi Adjorlolo Has To Say About Executing Gay Roles In Movies

You Need To SEE What Kofi Adjorlolo Has To Say About Executing Gay Roles In Movies Kofi Adjorlolo

The Ghanaian movie industry has been faced with a barrage of issues from funding, costuming, props, influx of foreign cultures and infiltrated storylines.

Over the years we have seen our Ghanaian stars cross over to feature in Nigerian movies and vice versa which many have attributed to the poor cinematography and low budget producers place on their movies. One Ghanaian actor, Kofi Adjorlolo who has graced our screens for over 10 years after quitting his broadcasting career to venture into acting in 2003 in a chat with Hitz FM’s MzGee who caught up with the 60-year-old on the set of Bank’s Chronicle disclosed that although acting is a very tedious career the passion he has for it drives him on.

When asked whether acting has paid off for him since he left his media career years ago Kofi Adjorlolo responded that “Why not, I believe that when I started, it was not lucrative for me but I’m the type of person who has patience, once i have my eyes on something and today I can sincerely say I dictate my price and anyone who dictates his price, it means that person finds himself in a lucrative business”.

Commenting on what has been a challenge for the actor in playing diverse roles he revealed that, he tries his best to execute which ever role given him but the task becomes difficult when he is given a role he is not familiar with pertaining to the kind of society in which he lives. Kofi Adjorlolo further disclosed that he turned down a lead role as a gay man because he felt unskilled at executing it. “I have been given a lead role as a gay man but I told the producer that I wouldn’t be skillful enough to play that role.”

“If you give me a role as a carpenter, a rich man , a politician or a doctor etc, I will excel in executing it because at 60yrs, I have met different types of people and i can relate with their activities but I have not lived in a community of gays and so they may have some expressions i may not know and my ability as an actor will be downplayed. So I refused the role.”

On the issue of whether Ghana would ever have a movie produced on our heros or national icons, past and present the actor said; “Movie is not just by carrying a camera and then getting some people to play . Movie is about budget, for instance, if I want to do a movie on kwame Nkrumah, how he got independence for us even his home or his office, table, clock, TV and all the props must reflect that time.

Now how do you get these props if you don’t have money to afford them. If I want to do a film on J. J. Rawlings, I need to have at least amour cars, soldiers, guns, how do I pay about 100 soldiers in a film. How do I pay for helicopter because we know Rawlings was piloting helicopters? The producers we have here around us don’t have that money that’s why I keep saying that if people want to produce such types of films for international consumption, for big screens, then government must be ready to fund this industry.”

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