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University of Bristol In UK Strips Power Minister Off His P.hD, Reason Will Shock You

University of Bristol In UK Strips Power Minister Off His P.hD, Reason Will Shock You Dr. Kwabena Donkor

The academic board of the prestigious University of Bristol where Ghana’s current Power Minister Dr Kwabena Donkor obtained his MBA and P.hD has decided to strip the Minister off his P.hD—and it’s not for his gross incompetence but his inability to realize that load shedding and ‘dumsor’ are synonymous. According to the Vice Chancellor of the University-Prof.

Emeritus Dick Dawkins, University of Bristol prides itself in academic excellence and intellectual honesty— something Dr.Kwabena Donkor totally lacks. Since his appointment as Ghana’s Minister of Power, Dr.Kwabena Donkor has sought to hide his fear and inability to solve Ghana’s power crisis under a confusing argument that; Dumsor and Load Shedding are two

different things—and therefore he would only be able to fix Dumsor and not Load Shedding. It’s this obvious intellectual treachery being championed by Dr.Kwabena Donkor that University of Bristol has found appalling—as not a true characteristic of persons who obtained P.hDs from the institution. In a brief conversation with ScrewLife.Com, Prof. Emeritus Dick Dawkins said; “parading such hogwash far away in Africa and carrying a P.hD from University of Bristol dents the intergrity of this noble institution— therefore, we’ve decided to revoke his P.hD since he
obviously does not sound like someone who deserves the honor.
We will also look at his MBA thesis to see if he actually wrote it himself.” Interestingly, this is happening a few days after we
reported that the Oxford Advance Leaner’s Dictionary has added ‘Dumsor’ to its collection of words. Per the dictionary: “Dumsor pronounced “doom-sore” (or more appropriately dum sɔ, “off and on”) is a popular Ghanaian term used to describe persistent, irregular and unpredictable electric power outages.” Yet Kwabena Donkor says, Dumsor is something totally different from power outages.

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