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Check out The 6 S*x Positions Ghanaian Women Love So Much

Check out The 6 S*x Positions Ghanaian Women Love So Much 6 S*x Positions Ghanaian Women Love So Much

It is no news that s ex is one of the most craved activities among people around the world today, and there are a number of reasons for this among which is the health benefit that comes with s ex.

Now that we have established that s ex is important it might interest you to know that there are specific positions that get the ladies mo aning nonstop and wanting more and more of the action. But how much of these positions and s ex techniques do Nigerian men know about?

Here are five awesome s ex positions you could try with your lady today. Rest assured that if well done, these techniques have the potentials to keep her optimally satisfied.

1. The ‘Grab And Ins ert’ Position –

Majority of ladies like a fit, muscular guy. You don’t have to have the biggest arms in the world but stay fit and trim enough so she can rest on you, jump on your back from time to time and whatnot as you guys hang together and pass time.

This physique is also important in s ex because she likes it when you go hard on her in fun, stylish ways. In the light of this, a new s ex technique she surely will find fun is you lifting her and getting her to wrap her l egs around your tor so, your hands under her bu ttocks as you drill her. The ecstasy it gives ladies is beyond what words can explain.

This position leaves you in total control of the game and leaves her mo aning pleasurably.

2. Missionary S ex With A Spark –

Try something different with your woman today as you guys do it the missionary way and be sure to wow her.

Most ladies fancy the missionary style because they love to hold a man close. Some ladies grab the man by the bu tt while he pene trates slow and steady, others like it rough and fast-paced. Whatever the case, don’t be afraid to experiment with her.

Understand her and know what works best for her. We recommend you try to create an unusual ambiance for this, maybe some outdoor s ex or something.

You can have it missionary style on a roof top, or in a car with seats reclined and the AC turned on to max with some slow songs bumping in the background. This should give her extra goose bumps in her inner thigh and beyond.

3. The ‘Do ggy Style –

This s ex technique can never be overemphasized. It is tested, trusted and one of the surest ways to thrust in and get her to cloud nine.

4. The ‘Reverse Co wgirl’ Or ‘Riding’ Style –

This is an interesting position that has the man sitting on a chair or lying on a bed while the lady gets over him and, with her bu tt facing him, rides him to great heights.

Experts say the reverse co wgirl position helps sti mulate the clito ris to large extents leading to org asm.

5. The ‘Sit And D ig’ Position –

It’s easy to get her into the zone by siting and getting her to sit over you and wrap her l egs around your back. She also needs to grab you close over your shoulders as you guys get into it.

By so doing, pene tration is fullest and you can both experiment with different angles as the grinding increases or decreases depending on what works best for you guys.

6. The ‘Chair Or S ofa Position’ –

Grab a chair or sofa and sit while she sits on your l aps and you guys ride away. She doesn’t have to face you, you can also either grab her boobs or caress her bo dy or something.

You should give these points a try today and see how well they work for you and yours. Have fun.

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