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What I Did Was “Life-Threatening”, Don’t Try It! - Hero-Taxi Driver Warns

What I Did Was “Life-Threatening”, Don’t Try It! - Hero-Taxi Driver Warns Hero-Taxi Driver Advises: What I Did Was “Life-Threatening”, Don’t Try It!

To his fellow taxi drivers who might think chasing down armed robbers is as easy as being said must think twice – Nana Yaw the epic cab driver has advised his colleagues to be thoughtful when taking such move.

His comments comes after claims that some taxi drivers are now in search of ‘armed robbers’ instead of travelers when news broke out that government will reward Nana Yaw with a brand new house.

The most talked about taxi driver's brave effort to help apprehend two suspected daylight robbers will also earn him a new taxi from management of the Retail Company, Koala Shopping Mall – whose worker was shot at.

Nana Yaw, a father of five [5] has been commended by thousands of Ghanaians including President John Dramani Mahama, Vice President Mr. Amissah-Arthur and former president John Jerry Rawlings.

Speaking on NEAT FM’s morning show dubbed Ghana Montie, the gallant driver noted that the decision he took to help arrest the robbers was “life-threatening”.

According to him, although he is appreciative of the yet to be received promises, that shouldn’t be a reason for other drivers to try the act.

“I will advise all taxi drivers to be calm, they shouldn’t think it’s easy and try what I did. Maybe they might not be as lucky as me and will be killed in the process. I was shot at but only God saved me,” the 21 years experienced taxi driver said.

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