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Wicked Father Disowns HIV Positive Child

Wicked Father Disowns HIV Positive Child Mbaakanyi Tabotswana Masala

A teen Francistown mother was last Tuesday left dumbstruck when his former boyfriend and alleged father of her two-year-old child denied paternity of the infant arguing the child cannot be his as they have different HIV status.

The Voice reported that Mbaakanyi Tabotswana Masala of Sebina village in the central administrative district was in court for failing to look after the child as he maintained that he is not the father.

“I am not the biological father of the child. The child is HIV positive and I am negative. How can I sire an HIV positive child when I am negative?” rhetorically enquired Masala while defending himself to a stunned court gallery.

Reacting to the denial, the visibly stunned mother maintained that he is the biological father.

“A few days before leaving for the UK sometime in 2013, we had sex. We initially used a condom but during the act he removed the protection. I tried in vain to stop him as I feared falling pregnant,” she said.

After listening to both parties, Basupi ordered them to undergo a paternity test which should be done in twelve months and at that they should be back in court on January 13 2017.

He also ordered the defendant to pay P350 per month for the upkeep of the child effective January 31 2016.

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Source: The Voice

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