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Catholic Priest Caught Snorting Cocaine In Shocking Video

Oh, another Christian caught not practicing what they preach? Colour me surprised.

And a Catholic priests to boot? It seems like they solely exist to be busted in scandals; and the church would go to all lengths to defend their own, making more mockery of the lofty ideals their initial infraction had disgraced.

An Irish priest was caught on camera snorting cocaine during a party at his parish house, in a room decked out in Nazi memorabilia.

That’s like breaking all social mores for a priest in one go.

Stephen Crossan had been on a two day drinking and partying bender with strangers, who he led back to the parish house- on the grounds of St Patrick’s Church in Banbridge, Northern Ireland- to continue their partying. It was there that he snorted the cocaine through a rolled up ten pound note.

The esteemed father is caught on video, saying ‘I shouldn’t’, right before going ahead to take the snort.

The incident happened in July of last year, the Irish Sun reports.

Crossan is believed to have been battling depression at the time, and told the Sun that he did not have a drug problem, as some might think by watching the video.

“It was just the one night and that was it.” He said.

Father Crossan had been granted sick leave in May 2015, due to his depression battles. He has since taken an indefinite leave from the Parish- although the Bishop of Dromore, John McAreavey, said the church was standing behind the Bishop.

He has been receiving counselling and considering his future, Bishop McAreavey revealed.

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