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British Drug Lord Arrested In Ghana

British Drug Lord Arrested In Ghana David McDermott

For some reason these British criminals seem to think Ghana would be a pretty safe haven for them: they keep running here. This arrest follows the recent one of Arthur Simpson Kent– the man who allegedly murdered his wife and two children.

A British drug baron, who was part of a crime ring working to sell cocaine in the United Kingdom, has been arrested in Ghana by a joint sting operation.

David McDermott, 42, was arrested in Accra in a joint operation involving Britain’s National Crime Agency and the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).

McDermott was arrested around Burma Hills by officers of both agencies, and is set to be processed for court and extradited sometime next week.

The fugitive is one of several individuals suspected to be connected to a 2013 drug seizure by British authorities, members of a Liverpool based gang attempting to smuggle cocaine and distribute within Britain. The drugs were seized at Tilbury docks nearly three years ago, hidden in a container of frozen Argentinean beef.

McDermott has since been wanted in connection with that drug bust, and also for another charge of conspiracy to commit blackmail.

Dave Allen, Head of the NCA’s International Crime Bureau, said the arrest was a result of close collaboration with Ghanaian authorities.

“This arrest is a result of close working with the Ghanaian authorities, and shows our determination and success in tracking down fugitives, however far they run in an attempt to evade capture.

“McDermott was the last man outstanding in a plot to smuggle a huge quantity of cocaine which would have ended up on the streets of Merseyside. He will now be returned to the UK to stand trial.”



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