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UPDATES: Decomposing 22-Yr-Old 'Sakawa' Man Found Dead In A Covered Well

UPDATES: Decomposing 22-Yr-Old 'Sakawa' Man Found Dead In A Covered Well File Photo

The 22-year-old man, Eric Boakye from Asokore, a suburb of Koforidua in the Eastern Region who started decomposing whiles still alive after allegedly using his one-and-half-year-old son for money rituals, has been found dead in a covered well near the family house.

Our Eastern Regional Correspondent, Michael Akrofi on Okay Fm’s 'Ade Akye Abia' Morning Show has revealed that the family of Eric Boakye after several attempts to convince the young man to confess to the cause of his strange illness, found him dead in a covered well.

According to him, family members of the alleged ‘Sakawa’ young man could not locate him the next day until a search around the environs found him in the well; dead, after the police and the fire service brought him out.

Michael Akrofi however hinted that the police has begun investigations into the death of Eric Boakye as many are wondering how he was able to move from his room into the covered well due to the fact that he was weak to move himself around.

Before the death of Eric Boakye, Daily Guide reported that he had two kids and worked in Accra as a washing bay attendant but last year December he returned to his family house at Asokore in Koforidua.

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Sources said Eric Boakye then took his one-and-half-year-old boy to a popular fetish priest at a shrine near Kumasi in the Ashanti Region and used him for money rituals. 

The financially frustrated man had told his family in Asokore that he was taking his son to a family member at Kumasi to spend the Christmas vacation there but never returned with the kid.

Eric Boakye, as gathered, was instructed by the fetish priest to hit his son with his two hands so that he would become deaf. According to report, the fetish priest claimed Boakye’s son would then begin decaying on the daily basis, which would generate money for Boakye.

Eric Bokye, after performing the other necessary rites at the shrine, did what the fetish priest instructed him to do but the son didn’t turn into a deaf person. Rather, he started barking like a dog, collapsed and died on the spot.

The young man started growing boils on all parts of his body and the family questioned him about it but he refused to answer; thus members of his family then went to a different fetish priest for consultation and were told Eric Boakye had taken his son for money rituals but didn’t succeed and that it had resulted in his son’s death.

The body of Eric Boakye then started decomposing whiles he was still alive; emitting an offensive stench which forced all the co-tenants, except the family members to vacate the family house at Asokore, but the worried family could not decide their next move until his unfortunate demise.

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