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Security Alert: 3 South Africans Arrested Over Suspicion of Terror

Security Alert: 3 South Africans Arrested Over Suspicion of Terror From left to right; Major Ahmed Shaik Hazis (Rtd.), WO/ Denver Dwayhe Naidu (Rtd.), and Captain Mlungiseleli Jokani (Rtd.)
  • Three ex-South African police officers have been arrested in Ghana over terror acts
  • The Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) says the trio were arrested at the El Capitano Hotel in Agona Dunkwa for allegedly training 15 young men in various security drills and rapid response maneuvers, weapon handling and VIP protection techniques
  • BNI documents available to the media say the ex-servicemen were conducting the security drills under the guise of training personnel for Delta Force Security

Three South African former police officers have been arrested by the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) in the Central region of Ghana for allegedly engaging in acts that threaten the nations security.

The trio – Major Ahmed Shaik Hazis (Rtd.), Captain Mlungiseleli Jokani (Rtd.) and WO/ Denver Dwayhe Naidu (Rtd.) are all ex-police officers.

According to a document from the BNI, the three men “were engaged in training 15 young men in various military drills, including unarmed combat, weapon handling, VIP protection techniques and rapid response maneuvers.”

The leader of the trio told the NI that they were brought into the country by one Capt. Koda, head of security detail for NPP flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo.

“The said training raises security issues given the heightened security awareness in the country following some terrorist attacks in the sub-region.

“Strangely, however, when the Police and BNI operatives went to the hotel to ascertain their mission they were refused entry by the trainees.  However, the security operatives finally entered the place and conducted a search on them.  Surprisingly, a comprehensive report on the operations of Superlock Technologies Ltd (STL) was found in the possession of Hazis.   The document contained a detailed profile of all the workers of STL, past and present and went on to identify key staff members, giving an assessment of their strengths and vulnerabilities with the view to possibly compromising them so as to get them commit acts that will tend to favour a particular party in the 2016 elections, using the STL security infrastructure.  Images of all workers of STL were also contained in the document,”  the BNI document stated.

Meanwhile, the BNI also revealed  a perusal of the passports of the three suspects indicate that they entered the country weeks ago on business visas issued by Ghana’s mission in Pretoria, South Africa.

“The visas did not entitle them to engage in any kind of contract or business as they were found to be engaged in,” the BNI document revealed.

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