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Anti-terror Training, ‘Suicide Bomber’ ‘Kills Dozen’ In Shopping Mall

Anti-terror Training, ‘Suicide Bomber’ ‘Kills Dozen’ In Shopping Mall A scene from the anti-terror ‘attack’ in the shopping centre

A ‘suicide bomber’ detonated his explosives in the middle of a Trafford Centre shopping mall in Manchester ‘killing and wounding’ dozens of the 800 volunteers who had been hired for a simulation exercise to test Britain’s readiness in response to an extremist attack in the wake of ISIS led assaults on Paris and Brussels.

The exercise code named Exercise Winchester Accord had been planned since December 2015 and scheduled to span the next two nights in other locations. Rebekah Sutcliffe Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable who spoke ahead of the mock-attack said ‘this exercise is part of a national programme that has been planned extensively for five months.’

The counter terrorism mock exercise had just began early Monday morning when a man dressed all in black stormed the hall and detonated his explosive ‘killing and wounding’ some of the volunteers.

Most of the victims were the actors who had been made to wear ear defenders and safety glasses and had been given fake gruesome, blood injuries by make-up artists.

The emergency response team included the city’s police force, Merseyside Police, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and North West Ambulance Service and counter-terrorism officers to examine and evaluate the response to a major attack.

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