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I'm A Mother Of 9-Year-Old Girl - Bibi Bright

I'm A Mother Of 9-Year-Old Girl - Bibi Bright Bibi Bright

Fast rising actress Bibi Bright has disclosed that she is not just a curvy movie star but also a matured woman and a responsible mother.

The actress who is causing a stir with the latest promo photos she released on her birth June 3, has revealed she turned 30 on her birthday and she had a daughter at the age of 21.

“I just turned 30, I am a mother of a 9-year-old girl, I am a Fante and I am an Actress and movie Producer”, Bibi revealed on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review”, when was asked to give a brief profile about herself.

She also revealed that she is a single mother and she doesn’t have any man in her life.

Bibi Bright first featured in a TV series called ‘Missed Call’ after which she has not looked back ever since. Bibi has gone on to feature in movies such as Please Mary Me, Leave My Wife, Spiritual Killer, Why Me, Forbidden Act, Gamble For Love, Accra Girl, Love and Steal, House Party and Lost In His Glory.

The founder of Carridad Films once revealed in an interview that her childhood dream was to become an air hostess after school.

This dream was killed by her parents who were scared of losing their beloved child through what they perceived as a ‘plane crash’.

Nevertheless, the East High College North Carolina graduate is soaring to new heights in the Ghanaian movie industry in which she believes takes more than just talent to be recognized.

Source: Nkonkonsa

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