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Another Ex of Prophet Bernard Taylor Speaks: ‘I Never Saw Him Pray All the Nights I Spent in His Bed’ + More SHOCKING REVELATIONS

Another Ex of Prophet Bernard Taylor Speaks: ‘I Never Saw Him Pray All the Nights I Spent in His Bed’ + More SHOCKING REVELATIONS Bernard Taylor

According GhanaCelebrities, Several women have contacted Them since Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor of Destiny Empowerment Chapel International’s chopping down scandal broke two days ago—and this morning, an Fante woman called, taking us through what happened between her and Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor, when the two dated in Cape Coast.

The soft spoken Fante woman stated among other things that, she is calling to speak up as a victim of Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor’s indiscriminate s*x partners—adding that, she is doing this because she has seen others say the first woman who came out could be lying.

This woman-M, spoke who spoke to us this morning asked for her identity to be shielded and agreed to give us a background info to authenticate her position as a true ex, saying, Bernard Taylor at the time they were dating lived in Cape Coast, on the Aggrey Memorial road, the left turn that takes you into Cape Coast town.

She said: “I spent several nights in the bed of Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor at the time I was his girlfriend in Cape Coast and not once did I ever see him wake up at night or dawn to pray as a man of God.”

M stated categorically that, Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor sleeps with his church members and there were several incidents during their relationship that confirm this—she also added that, she later realized that all the girls around Taylor including herself at church were rivals, because he was chopping them all down.

“Bernard loves women with big a$$ and nice faces, so I bet the woman who broke the story to you has one of these. I have a big a$$ too and that’s what he love,” M said.

Prophet Taylor and Wife

She continued; “I was dating him when I heard he was going to Mary Naomi—I called him and said I would come to the wedding venue to expose him which he replied that there will be police at the entrance so I wouldn’t be able to get in.”

According to M, Bernard Taylor agreed to compensate her for going to marry another woman while they’ve not broken up and in fact without even telling her a thing.

M alleges that, Taylor and his gang of pastor friends are into this—taking advantage of women who fall for their Christian postures.

The most shocking of it all was when M stated with confidence that, Bernard Taylor has a pastor friend in UK who recently got married to a woman-E from Takoradi (name withheld) And that what this pastor and friend of Taylor perhaps does not know is that Taylor has slept with his now wife—that they were chopping down way back.

This ex girlfriend of Taylor said, “he was sleeping with her way back before he even married Naomi and now this is the same woman that has been married by pastor P. H.”

It wasn’t all bad news about Taylor though, M mentioned that when it comes to money and taking care of women, Taylor was the first man to give her over 1000 GHS—which he took her to Zenith Bank, Cape Coast in his then Dodge car to withdraw it for her. Before the Dodge, the woman said Taylor’s car was Altima…

Source: GhanaCelebrities



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